World Dream Conspiracy – Sexy Jazz Night – Debut album – Pre order starts now!

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The Circle Music & Logical Absurd  proudly present: 

World Dream Conspiracy – Sexy Jazz Night

World Dream Conspiracy was born in 2023 as a Renaissance idea by the visionary artist David Moore. The band produces a very convincing industrial/electronic record and is immediately noticed by two labels (Logical Absurd and The Circle Music) who decide to co-produce the debut entitled “Sexy Jazz Night” which will be released on vinyl in March 2024.


World Dream Conspiracy was born in 2023 by a group of friends from a small town in Colorado. We found ourselves in a dimension very distant from anything contemporary, but rather with the collagists and the most extreme experimenters of the industrial scene, the most intellectual and expressionist one if we want. We wanted to be amazed in this world that seems like a dream but isn’t very dreamy.

Our dimension is something you don’t expect, a change of skin, a continuous mutation, growth, defeat, an internal ailment, an explosion of joy, a projection, a conscious state, a loss of consciousness and balance. You don’t have to think to listen, you don’t have to remember a text and you’re not interested in knowing what will happen, you trust, you touch interior notes, a certain emotionality, there is also a lot of poetry and a continuous constant search for special situations and unique environments, with a constant macabre attitude and a latent dose of irony.



Release Date: 26.03.2024

  • Numbered copies
  • Triple Gatefold Sleeve (no hole)
  • 180 gr vinyl

Cat Nr:TCM036LP

Style: Abstract, Industrial, Electronic Sounds


  • Limited Numbered White Vinyl (100 copies)
  • Limited Numbered Red Vinyl (200 copies)
  • Limited Numbered Black Vinyl (200 copies)


Side 1:

A1 – Hypnozys

A2 – The Jazz Parade

A3 – Clapton’s Cocaine

A4 – M. P.

Side 2:

B1 – That Strange Feeling Of Not Knowing You At All

B2 – The Glue

B3 – Like A Virgin 

B4 – Medicines


Line – up:

David Moore: Electronics, Synths, Effects, Concept, Vocals

Linda P.: Electronics, Violin, Bass, Loop, Vocals

Josef Nosel: Programmings, Synths, Effects, Drums


Recorded between September and October 2023 at WDC, Castle Rock, Colorado

Mixed and Mastering: David Moore

Video and Artworks: David Moore