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When Nothing Remains is a Swedish Doom/Death Metal band with members from bands like Nox Aurea, The Cold Existence, Rimfrost, Draconian, Doom: VS.

The idea of When Nothing Remains was born in late 2010 when Peter Laustsen and Jan Sallander wanted to create something very dark and emotional. In 2011 Jonas Toxen jumped in for the drums and Johan Ericson “Draconian, Doom VS, Shadowgarden” for the clean vocals, mixing and mastering.

Their first album “As All Torn Asunder” was released in 2012 on the Russian label Solitude Productions. The following albums “Thy Dark Serenity” (2013) and In “Memoriam” (2016) as well.

In 2024 the band signed with The Circle Music for the release of their new album “A Glimmer of Hope”.

This album has a darker approach than previous albums, but can still be recognized as a When Nothing Remains album.