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Following Baron Blood‘s death, The Magus decided to disband NECROMANTIA by releasing their final album “To the depths we descend” in 2021. But his personal musical and mystical journey did not stop there….His inner flame which urges him to create dark and original extreme art, expressed through music and lyrics never ceased to burn….So in the summer of 2022 The Magus decided to give birth to a new musical project, entitled simply and appropriately, THE MAGUS.

Joined by longtime associates, EL (SOULSKINNER, ZARATUS, THOU ART LORD, PRINCIPALITY OF HELL etc) on guitars and MAELSTROM (NECROMANTIA, YOTH IRIA, THOU ART LORD, PRINCIPALITY OF HELL etc) on drums in order to complete the formula and start working on material for the upcoming album in late 2023, entitled “ΒΥΣΣΟΔΟΜΩΝΤΑΣ” (Greek word, actual meaning is “building in the depths”, common use meaning “conspiring in the darkness”).

Expect nothing but high quality art, aristocratic black metal and nightmares coming to life.
More co-conspirators will join as guests and will be announced in due time.

Until then….


Line up:
The Magus: Bass/Voices
El: Guitars
Maelstrom: Drums

Band picture: Stella Mouzi