The Magus – Black Metal legend join The Circle Music

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We proudly announce that The Magus signed a worldwide deal with The Circle Music. After the successful cooperation we had both on Necromantia’s farewell album “To The Depths We Descend…” and the magnificent 9 vinyl compilation “Epitaph – The Complete Worx” and on the Thou Art Lord 7’ vinyl “Daemoniorum”, the time has come to share his new musical trip together.

The Magus, known for his involvement in Necromantia, Yoth Iria, Rotting Christ, Thou Art Lord and many more, could easily be described as a Black Metal guru. Throughout his musical career he was a pioneer and was not afraid to experiment. Contributed the most to what today we call Hellenic Black Metal when the term was still untested. At the same time he has influenced and inspired many artists around the world. It’s no coincidence that some of the biggest Black Metal bands on the planet name him as an influence.

His new musical project entitled simply and appropriately, The Magus.

Next to him we meet some familiar associates:  El (Soulskinner, Thou Art Lord, Zaratus, Principality Of Hell) on Guitars & Maelstorm (Necromantia, Thou Art Lord, Principality Of Hell) on Drums.

Having heard a few songs from the upcoming album “Βυσσοδομώντας” in pre-production, we can assure that Magus is at his most creative stage. To the question of whether the new material moves in Black Metal era, our answer is yes, but not only. He managed to create an album full of diverse melodies that transcended the rigid clichés of the idiom. Once again the Magus did not follow the easy path and prepared something really enormous from every point of view that will remain underserved in time.

 “Βυσσοδομώντας” will be released in late 2023 in various formats.

Until then…