The Circle Music welcomes Norwegian Metal Pioneers Trail of Tears – New EP “Winds of Disdain” – Pre order starts now!

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Norwegian Gothic Metal pioneers Trail of Tears are pleased to announce their signing to Greek label The Circle Music for a multifaceted deal. 

The label will release the first new music by the band in over a decade, starting with the EP “Winds of Disdain“, followed by a full length album later on.

The Circle Music will also issue all seven previous albums by the band on vinyl for the first time, starting with 1998`s iconic debut “Disclosure in Red


Founder and vocalist Ronny Thorsen comments:

 “After an extremely challenging period with the pandemic and various setbacks, we are finally ready to share the results of our work since first announcing our return back in 2020.

We have been considering several options as to how we would like to proceed, and we are very happy having signed to The Circle Music, who will release both our new music in various formats, as well as the old albums on vinyl. Maria and her team have shown a true enthusiasm towards the band from the beginning, which has been a key factor in making our decision. We look forward to sharing our music with all of you, and to see you all out there very soon!” 


The ancient Greek philosopher Euripides argued that often “You speak with your silence”. This is how we interpret the sudden and unexpected hiatus that Trail of Tears entered shortly after the release of their seventh album “Oscillation“. But today, after a decade, the time has come for them to speak and their return is in a deafening way. Having their new material in our hands, we can assure you that the wait was more than worth it. Trail of Tears are one of the pioneers in the field of Gothic Metal and not only have they not said their last word, but they are back more desirous than ever.

It is our great pleasure and our excitement to work together with this great band which we follow since the debut album “Disclosure In Red” and we will do our best to make this new beginning bring them the success they undoubtedly deserve.

(The Circle Music)