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The woman, the artist, the legend! – The Circle Music welcomes Jarboe

When we first started the record label, we set a goal to release special artists. 

Currently recording the 33rd album under the name Jarboe, with two recent solo albums  released on vinyl, previously released vinyl editions such as ‘Sacrificial Cake’ and ‘Thirteen Masks’ have been out of print.  Jarboe walks her own path, emerging her multifaceted talent in every new album. She  has created a wide range of fans that follow her every step trusting the journey.

Even from the years  Jarboe was in SWANS, her music at turns has been described by journalists as “Experimental”, “Avant-garde”, “Dark wave”, “Alternative”, “Gothic”, “Avant Metal”, “Acoustic,” “Industrial” and more and more… We prefer listening to her as Jarboe – since her charming sounds have been taking us to dream pictures and landscapes, to places that only her magic voice can transport us.

The Circle Music full of pleasure welcomes this unique artist and announces that the first album we will release on vinyl in the second half of 2022, is the legendary “Sacrificial Cake” in a luxurious packaging.

Stay tuned for more details!

Photo by:

Magda Wrzeszcz

Chaos Theory