Sleep Dealer sign deal with The Circle Music

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Billions of the brightest stars, secret and unknown planets…Will man ever be able to understand it all? What mysteries and discoveries are hidden there? Nobody except the dreamers who are inspired by the cosmos to create the most beautiful tales of distant planets and the eternity of existence.

Sleep dealer is an Instrumental Dark Post-rock/metal one-man-band formed in Moscow, Russia in 2009.

The main brain behind the band , Vadim Oshkin, has managed to arouse interest of millions of listeners with his characteristic sound and Sleep Dealer have been featured in several publications and described as the future of post rock/metal.

We proudly announce that Sleep Dealer sign deal with The Circle Music and our first step together will be their sixth & latest album “Confession” (2022), which will be released in 2024 in various formats.


For all those who haven’t got the chance to catch up with this particular artist, here’s “The Way Home“, one of the most historic songs from Sleep Dealer‘s important legacy.