Scheitan – “Believe” – New single out today!

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Guitarist, multiinstrumentalist & vocalist Pierre Törnkvist comments on the new single:

“Believe” was one of the earlier tracks I wrote for the new album. Ghost had just released their
eminent song “My Little Sunshine” and I was inspired by the tempo of the track, I think it has a certain groove to it. Mr. Forge is one of the most prominent songwriters of our time so catching a bit of inspiration from him can’t do any harm.

“To me, the lyrics have a double edge. At first glance, they could be seen as written from a pure “I” perspective, what “I believe”. But one could also interpret it as a general “I believe” followed blindly by many people. They all claim to believe in some kind of “god” and “goodness” but there is more fire than ever in the world, look at Ukraine, Israel, Gaza and all acts of terror constantly committed in the name of “god”. Maybe your “gods” are not the gods they claim to be?

“The album has now been completely recorded/mastered and I am really looking forward to presenting it to the audience. Scheitan will also perform live in 2024. So far, only one show in close proximity to our hometown Luleå has been announced and a show in Athens, Greece but we are talking with some promoters.”