Schatten Muse sign with The Circle Μusic.

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We are proud to welcome in our ranks one of the most promising new bands, The German-Greek conspiracy of Schatten Muse. When we first heard the songs from their debut “Vergänglichkeit”, our decision to work with the band was taken almost instantly. It is rare to be confronted with such a complete material that betrays years of experience and at the same time is the basis of the band’s first effort.

Schatten Muse (the duet consisting of Shelmerdine and Sylvia Fürst) give breath to a special musical genre such as New German Death Art / Neue Deutsche Todeskunst, while in their musical quests they combine with absolute success influences by Dark Wave, Gothic, Neoclassical and Electro Wave, all filtered through their personal prism and poetic mood, while special mention is needed to Sylvia’s vocals which are literally riveting.

Vergänglichkeit” will be released on March 2022 and till then we are impatient to share this masterpiece with you!

Schatten Muse states:

“We are so grateful and honored to work with the professional record label, the Circle Music. From the beginning the Circle Music showed great interest and liked our music because they realized our vision, which was to make something original and continue the tradition to  Neue Deutsche Todeskunst.”

Schatten Muse biography


In the beginning of 2020 the idea was born to create a band-project continuing the tradition of New German Death Art / Neue Deutsche Todeskunst, what was rising in the end of the 1980s – beginning of 1990s, specially in southern Germany.

As a part of our art, we decided to cover a song by Goethes Erben, a “leader-band” of this genre from past-days. All lyrics are in German language and as a bonus track we decide to record another cover with english lyrics but in this kind of style.

We have created 7 songs in this kind of oldschool-style, various in music and lyrics with dramatized and theatrical narration! From deep depressive, desperated, dark and melancholic to wistful, longing, desireful, what we recorded in early summer 2021 in Greece.

A German and a Greek artist came together and founded SCHATTEN MUSE.

“Muse” (all vocals, lyrics) – Sylvia F./S. (ex-Egotragik)

“Schatten” (all music) – Shelmerdine (Dark Awake).


Anfang 2020 wurde die Idee geboren ein Bandprojekt zu gründen, welches die Tradition der Neuen Deutschen Todeskunst fortsetzt, die Ende der 1980-er bis Anfang der 1990-er Jahre speziell in Süddeutschland bekannt geworden ist.

Als Teil unseres künstlerischen Schaffens haben wir uns entschieden ein Lied aus vergangenen Tagen von GOETHES ERBEN zu covern, einer “führenden” Band dieses Genres. Alle Texte sind in deutscher Sprache, ausgenommen der des Bonustracks. Hier handelt es sich um ein weiteres Cover, in englischer Sprache, jedoch im Stil dieser Musikrichtung.

Insgesamt haben wir für unser erstes Album 7 Songs in dieser Art Oldschool-Stil geschaffen, unterschiedlich in Musik und Text, theatralisch, dramatisiert umgesetzt.

Tief depressiv, düster, melancholisch bis hin zu wehmütig, sehnsuchtsvoll nahmen wir dies im Frühsommer 2021 in Griechenland auf.

Eine deutsche Künstlerin und ein griechischer Künstler kamen zu diesem außergewöhnlichen Projekt zusammen und gründeten SCHATTEN MUSE.

“Muse” (vocals gesamt und lyrics) – Sylvia F./S. (ex-EGOTRAGIK)

“Schatten” (Musik gesamt) – Shelmerdine (DARK AWAKE)