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The Eye Of Time – Acoustic II – 2 x LP


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“Playing Piano and Cello has taken a more important place into creation the last years. After Acoustic (2014) I felt a need to do more acoustic songs.

In the mean time, a dream I’ve always had came true. In summer 2018 I travelled across Europe for 2 weeks, with an acoustic upright piano and a cello to play outdoor shows that most of the time took place in natural areas.

The audience and feedbacks were so wonderful – so it gave me the energy to compose more songs as well as a really new experience of cello drone set, made with cello loops and beats made by tapping on the cello. It took me a whole year after composing to make everything done and recorded. The recording finally happened at the Library of Cherbourg, my hometown, where I grew up, with a very high quality grand piano.

The work of creation and composing was way more exhausting and hard than the electronic one, due to the difficulty of the composition. Some of the tracks had to be written before practicing.

Since I’ve always been self educated with the piano, it was a huge challenge for myself to reach the goal that I was expecting. It gave me the experience and the energy to continue as well as my fans were really helpful by giving me an amazing endless support, to help me understand that I have to keep going on, when I had hardtimes of doubt on this and sometimes wanted to really let it go. The struggle to keep it to the goal was a very big deal because of the doubts and the financial issues, but I’m glad and proud that I made it, and that Denovali was enthusiast enough to make “Acoustic II” happen.”

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