Sworn – A Journey Told Through Fire – Limited Black Vinyl with printed inner sleeve (180 gr – 250 copies)



New Release Date: 22.05.2024

Style: Melodic Black Metal

  • Printed inner sleeve
  • Black Color
  • 180 gr vinyls
  • Mixed and mastered at Unisound by Dan Swanö.
  • Produced by Sworn and Dan Swanö.
  • Front cover artwork by Stefan Todorovic


Black Vinyl with printed inner sleeve (250 copies).

Cat Nr: TCM035LP

Barcode: 0634240231070


Side 1:

1. A Godless Domain
2. Grand Eclipse
3. Calamity Sea


Side 2:

1. The Forsaken
2. Visions of Fire
3. Monumental
4. A Journey told through Fire


Lineup on the recording:
Max Wilson – Vocals
Christoffer Kjørsvik – Lead Guitars, Bass and Synthesizers
Gøran Hope – Rhythm Guitars
Tom Ian Klungland – Drums
Guest appearances:
Phillip Nathaniel Freeman – Narration on the intro of A Godless Domain
All music by Christoffer Kjørsvik, except for “Monumental”, written by Christoffer Kjørsvik and Tom Ian Klungland.
All lyrics by Christoffer KjørsvikMax Wilson and Tom Ian Klungland.
Guitars and bass recorded at Sworn Studio.
Drums recorded at Taakeheimen Lydrike.
Vocals recorded at Polyfon Studio.
Mixed and mastered at Unisound by Dan Swanö.
Produced by Sworn and Dan Swanö.
Front cover artwork by Stefan Todorovic.

The Circle Music proudly presents: 

Sworn – A Journey Told Through Fire

Ignorance and serenity

Unaware of what life could be

Beyond the surface of lies

Behind the veil of illusion

There lies another dimension

Unseen by the blind

Like life contained

Within a sphere of flames


(The Forsaken)

The compositional progress of the melodic black metallers Sworn from Bergen, Norway, has been evident in every new record they have presented since their debut “The Alleviation” (2007). But even their most ardent supporters would not have expected such a masterpiece album as “A Journey Told Through Fire“, which was released in the middle of this year and left speechless all who had the chance to listen to it. Without a trace of exaggeration, Sworn have created a colossal black metal album, the fifty minutes of which are heard all at once, as there is not a second that the interest is lost.

Both melodic and extreme, “A Journey Told Through Fire” is bursting with fresh ideas while at the same time keeping all the ingredients of the Norwegian Black Metal scene, evolving them through their personal filter, where the excellent guitar riffs dominate. Add to all of this Dan Swano‘s formidable production and the result is a nightmarishly beautiful album that is surely among the most valuable of 2023.

Whether they will get recognition or not is a completely different story. As various commentators on the band’s youtube videos have rightly pointed out, this is a hugely underrated band that deserves immediate recognition. At least as far as we’re concerned, when we first heard “A Journey Told Through Fire“, admitted we’d do whatever we could to get it out on vinyl. And so that time has arrived.

Don’t miss this majestic piece of art!

(The Circle Music)

A “Journey Told Through Fire” released initially as a digital release only, shortly followed up with a self-released CD. There was a huge demand for physical format, specially vinyl. Together with The Circle Music, we are able to make this happen for the fans, and are very excited to work with them on releasing “A Journey Told Through Fire” on vinyl.


In case you haven’t discovered this jewel yet, listen to it right now:

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