Strange Boutique – The Charm – Digi CD (Remastered Limited Edition – U.S. Import)



The Charm CD comes closest to capturing Strange Boutique’s live sound. Lots of layered, textural guitar and lovely vocals over the melodic basslines and driving percussion. Nothing less than mesmerizing.” – AS IF, 1993. Remastered audio and revamped artwork with a fold-out insert. The second full length album originally released in 1993, now available again in CD format.

1. Ears To The Ground
2. Happy Birthday Wanda June
3. Hills Like White Elephants
4. Unsettling
5. Alekan Girl
6. Solar Friend
7. In A Heaven
8. Glaciers Down
9. Keep Them Still
10. A Ballad For Morgaine*
11. Charm*

Strange Boutique “Charm” lineup:
Frederick E. Smith Jr. – Guitars
Steve Willett – Bass & Guitars
Monica Richards – Vocals
Rand Blackwell – Drums

All songs written by Strange Boutique
Recorded and Mixed at Biondo Studios, November, 1992
Sonically shaped by Chris Biondo and Strange Boutique
Booklet Artwork and Design by Monica Richards
Photos by Leon Amour, Patrick Putziger and Bob
Cello on ‘Charm’ by Diana McFadden
*Selected from Bedazzled 8-Track Demos

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