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Marc Skah and David White’s MATO – Debut – Limited Cardboard Sleeve CD



Marc Skah was born in Germany and works as a musician, artist and songwriter. He played in several bands and started his own soloproject. It is called Marc Skah and David White’s MATO. Founded in 2010 in Germany, it is an independent music project which focuses on and experiments with perception, creativity, visual arts and the intercommunicating powers of musical healing and expression.
All releases have been released independently and produced by Marc Skah and David White. From 2012 on Marc Skah bonded to another artist for a lifelong musical journey.
The idea was born in 2004. In two years 13 songs were composed, played, recorded and arranged by Marc Skah. 15 vocalists around the world were invited to participate in this project. In the end of 2004 MATO selected 13 tracks and send the instrumental tracks to the confirmed artists. There was only a letter a cd and a camera in the package. The camera was to document the process of composing and recording. The project took four years until the last vocal-recording was sent back. From the beginning of the project there were no words, just the music.

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