Lake of Tears – Headstones – Limited A5 Digi CD in a Leather Box (1000 copies)



Release Date:  18.March.2024

Style: Doom Metal

  • New Mastering
  • 16 pages booklet
  • Cat Nr: TCM033A5
  • Barcode: 0634240231025


1. A Foreign Road

2. Raven Land

3. Dreamdemons

4. Sweetwater

5. Life’s But A Dream

6. Headstones

7. Twilight

8. Burn Fire Burn

9. The Path Of The Gods (Upon The Highest Mountain, Part 2)


– Daniel Brennare / vocals, guitar
– Jonas Eriksson / guitar
– Mikael Larsson / bass
– Johan Oudhuis / drums


– Ulf Petterson – keyboards

– Annica Karlsson – vocals

– Mikael Hult – accoustic guitar on “Headstones”


Produced & Mixed by Ulf Petterson

“Headstones” is licensed by roQon


Do you know what you fear of the ravens darkDo you know what they hide, hide within their heartsCan you see the sorrow within their eyesCan you hear their cries, when the fiddle dies …

Mistletoe, friend of foe, so black upon the moorFallen leaves colored red, blood of all the deadInto mist they’ll take you soul, they’ll take your heartAnd none of flames shall burn with the ravens dark

(Lake Of Tears – Raven Land)

Lake of Tears is like an old precious dusty book, every page you may open you will be flooded with emotions and memories. After the release of “Forever Autumn” on vinyl, the moment that the friends of Lake of Tears have been waiting for many years has arrived: The Circle Music announces the release of “Headstones” for the first time on vinyl.

Headstones” was the successor to the magnificent debut “Greater Art”, released in 1995 and certified that these Swedes are ready for great things. Today, 28 years later, we could say that “Headstones” is an immortal album, one of the most important not only of Lake of Tears, but in the entire history of Doom Metal. Even though its main body synthetically moves in doom paths carved by “Greater Art”, “Headstones” has many more innovative features to the point that we would do their music an injustice by trying to categorize it under labels. Here in time is perhaps the pivotal point where the first nuggets of the sound that would follow in the next albums are regognized.  Heavy & upbeat riffs alternate with acoustic melodies, pompous drums & passionate vocals, overwhelm the 9 tracks that exist in “Headstones”.

We’ll skip the unenviable task of picking the best songs, as they’re all miles away from the bar we usually set for good music. They move at unbelievable heights, to be fair. However, and this is highly subjective, special mention cannot be made for the all-time classic masterpieces like “A Foreign Road”, “Raven land”, “Headstones”, “Burn Fire Burn”, but also for the almost fourteen-minute-long epic saga “The Path Of The Gods (Upon The Highest Mountains, Part 2)” where once again they pick up the thread from where they left it one year ago.

Headstones” was created in 1995 and is doomed to be heard forever!

(The Circle Music)

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