Lake of Tears – A Crimson Cosmos – Sunburst Effect Transparent Blue & Light Violet Gatefold LP + 8 pages insert (Limited to 500 copies)



Release Date:  29.October.2024

Style: Gothic Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive/Psychedelic Rock


Limited Sunburst Effect Transparent Blue & Light Violet Gatefold LP + 8 pages insert (500 copies)

  • New Mastering
  • Hand Numbered
  • First time on vinyl
  • Gatefold + 8 pages printed insert
  • 180 gr.
  • Cat Nr: TCM042LP
  • Barcode: 0634240287015


Side 1

1. Boogie Bubble

2. Cosmic Weed

3. When My Sun Comes Down

4. Devil’s Diner

Side 2

1. The Four Strings of Mourning

2. To Die Is To Wake

3. Lady Rosenred

4. Raistlin And The Rose

5. A Crimson Cosmos

Licensed from roQon


– Daniel Brennare / vocals, guitar
– Mikael Larsson / bass
– Johan Oudhuis / drums


– Ronny Lahti – keyboards, guitar

– Pelle Hogbring – keyboards

– Jennie Tebler – vocals

– Magnus Sahlgren – guitar


And when my sun comes down

And you won’t hold my hand, it’s okay

‘Cause when my sun comes down

I’ll be walking a darker way

It’s okay, it’s alright”


1997. Just 2 years have passed since the magnificent “Headstones” and Lake of Tears release another historic album, somehow shocking audiences and journalists alike.

And if some thought that the “Lady Rosenred” EP that preceded the release of “A Crimson Cosmos” was something experimental that the band simply did as a break, then they were completely disproved. As a famous writer might say, Lake of Tears at this point of their career “fear nothing, hope nothing, they are free”. They simply create, with passion and endless inspiration.

A Crimson Cosmos” is the pivotal point where Lake of Tears’ doom metal was enriched, evolved and grafted with psychedelia, progressive rock, but also hard rock, without, of course, separating from their metal origins.

Although as we have already pointed out, it is not easy to distinguish songs from Lake of Tears albums as they all have their own virtues, we cannot avoid the reference to the dark epic “When My Sun Comes Down“, which is one of Daniel Brennare‘s best perfoming moments, to the opener “Boogie Bubble” that immediately captivates the listener, to the heavy and unhinged “Cosmic Weed” or the fairytale-like “Lady Rosenred“. We didn’t mention “The Four Strings of Mourning” though. Did “To Die Is To Wake“? That is exactly why trying to single out songs is a futile process.

A Crimson Cosmos” was embraced and loved by LoT friends and was the natural progression to give way two years later to “Forever Autumn“. Having received so many messages about if and when it will be released on vinyl, it is safe to say that for many people out there it is probably Lake of Tears‘ crowning achievement.

27 years later, the time has finally come for “A Crimson Cosmos” to be released on vinyl for the first time.

(The Circle Music)

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