Krayenzeit – Staub Und Tranen – Teil 1: Aus Der Asche – Digi CD



He who eats dust shall reap gold – an apt summary of KRAYENZEIT’s latest epic “Staub und Tränen” (“Dust and Tears”). They went through hell itself, they hit rock bottom more than once, they picked each other up, dusted off their jackets and carried on. They continued marching this path unknown, as everybody else hoping, trembling, wishing and dreaming that eventually the muses must show some mercy, that it all will eventually pay off one day. Oh, and it did. Very much like an oyster turning something profane as sand into a precious, perfect pearl, KRAYENZEIT have turned the backlashes and defeats, the headwind and the occasional emotional turmoil into pure gold. “Staub und Tränen”, part one of a colossal twin album, bears testimony to all that. Yet, first and foremost, it is an exciting, a spectacular folk rock feat of epic proportions.

Does that come as a surprise? Heck, no! Since the Ludwigsburg based outfit debuted with their felicitous first record “Auf dunklen Schwingen” they relentlessly took to their heels. Everything for the band and the band above all else: KRAYENZEIT were very well aware of the fact that you have to eat dust before you learn to fly. Thus, when they released their opus “Saitentänzer” in 2019, they already played Wacken Open Air and the Wave Gotik Treffen alongside a tour with SCHANDMAUL. Little more than a year later – and the tables have turned again. “Staub und Tränen”, that’s pretty obvious from the title alone, is about all the battles and all the scars you have to endure, but above all else about new power and hope found in the remnants of defeat. Their music has acquired an altogether new and welcome depth, an aura decidedly more dramatic and monumental. Even more so, it’s unerringly kicking ass, showcasing all that optimism rise out of pessimism like phoenix from the flames. Tempestuous and effervescent, only to bathe in a soothing pool of melancholy an instant later before revelling in the monumental as if this was the soundtrack to an especially epic fantasy blockbuster: It’s pretty darn impressive how KRAYENZEIT play their trump cards on this one.

Held and designed in diary form and crowned by sublime illustrations for every single song, mastermind Markus Engelfried opens the chamber doors to his deepest inner. While having been autobiographical from day one, this album also marks the time when the band drops all masks – a feat ultimately strengthening the music that’s being delivered by some of the finest purveyors of tasteful, musical, virtuous, anthemic folk rock near and far. Even Meike Katrin Stein, while not being a member of KRAYENZEIT any longer, couldn’t stop herself from contributing her otherworldly violin talents. KRAYENZEIT indeed is forever, as also their ever growing army of fans is very well aware. Yet, “Staub und Tränen” is more than a gargantuan fan pleaser. It’s one of those records that, armed with gripping folk rock and a majestic soundtrack backdrop, could become a huge door opener before part two of the affair, complemented by an exclusive short story courtesy of fantasy stalwart Boris Koch, will finally reap the harvest next year. KRAYENZEIT ate enough dust to last a lifetime. Now, golden times lie ahead…

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