Kalt Vindur – Magna Mater – Jewel Case CD



Release Date:  26.01.2024

Format: Jewel Case CD

Cat No: TCM029CD

Barcode: 0634240189395

Style: Pagan Black metal

  • Cover artwork made by Maciej Kamuda (Blut Aus Nord, Spaceslug, Sunnata, Trauma)
  • Music was recorded at Regnat Studio (Dargor, Krusher) in Cieklin (PL)
  • Mix was done by Krzysztof Kokosiński
  • Mastering by Adrian Mięsowicz (Tribe Five Studio)

All songs by Kalt Vindur
Lyrics by Celsus


Keyboard by Krzysztof Kokosiński in songs “Visions Of Purification” and “Magna Mater” 

– Keyboard by Mark from mysterious band Mysthicon in song “Mist Over Cergova

– Drums by Julian Zacharjasz from thrash metal band Interceptor in song “Mist Over Cergova

– Drums by Andrzej Czujko from tech death metal Karpathian Relict 
in “Possessed By Lunacy



  1. Magna Mater
  2. Żywioły
  3. Agonizing Luminosity
  4. Bless Us
  5. Possessed By Lunacy
  6. Visions Of Purification
  7. Mist Over Cergova


“… a portion of mystery and mysticism extracted from the forests of the Podkarpacie region, makes me find something in the sound of this album… in this music, that makes me bow my head out of respect for primal, natural forces. It is said that this third album in the discography is the most important one…I have no doubt whatsoever that “Magna Mater” is a polished, ambitious and the best work in the several-year history of Kalt Vindur, and if this is how black metal of the 21st century is to sound, it should be glorified without a doubt. Recommendation!!! Amen.”

Metal Crush ‘Zine (Jarek)



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