Jarboe – Sacrificial Cake – Luxurious Tip On Sleeve Heavy Cardboard Double Lavender Gatefold Vinyl edition (Limited to 500 copies)


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Release Date: 16.12.2022

Style: Avantgarde, Experimental, Dark Ambient, Industrial

  • New Mastering by George Emmanuel (Pentagram Studio).
  • New lay out by Riccardo Isolabella
  • Tip On Sleeve Heavy Cardboard Gatefold Jacket
  • Lavender color vinyls
  • 180 gr vinyls.


Limited Double Lavender Gatefold  (500 copies).

Code: TCM019LP

Barcode: 0634240063435


and rose i’m lavender

1995. Four years since the solo album ‘Thirteen Masks’, Jarboe who is at the same time working in Swans, created the album ‘Sacrificial Cake’ which was recorded in New York’s East Village at the studio of multi instrumentalist Lary Seven. Swans founder, Michael Gira simultaneously releases his album, ‘Drainland’.

In the 16 songs on ‘Sacrificial Cake’, even more sides of Jarboe’s creativity are revealed. A mysterious and magical atmosphere surrounds the entire album of fantasy tales in spooky sounds such as “The Body Lover” and “Troll” and at times with dark tribal rhythms as in “Ode To V”.

The mystagogy begins with the “Lavender Girl” of smoke and desire followed by the undulating “Ode to V”. The journey through Jarboe’s dreams and nightmares has begun.

Troll Lullaby” (a terrifying childhood vision), “My Buried Child” (a live recording accompanied by Michael Gira on acoustic guitar), “Surgical Saviour” (perversity in an industrial style ), “Deflowered” (a deliberately ironic rock song spoofing the music industry).

Troll” the ending track extends an invitation to experience it in low light or with headphones while next to a camp fire in the woods.

Sacrificial Cake’ is alive. We are proud to release this legendary album for first time on vinyl -on it’s own- and with new mastering, new lay out, luxurious packaging and of course in the color of lavender dedicated to the “Lavender Girl”.

The Circle Music


Jarboe comments:

“Sacrificial Cake” is one of my most popular albums. The song, “Lavender Girl” on this album, is the song fans tell me is one of their favorites songs, ever. As this album was never available on its own, I am thrilled for The Circle Music to have it be available and especially on lavender vinyl in homage to the beloved song.

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Side A

01 Lavender Girl
02 Ode To V
03 Shimmer (Instrumental)
04 My Buried Child


Side B

05 Not Logical
06 Spiral Staircase
07 Yum-Yab
08 Surgical Saviour


Side C

09 Caché Toi
10 Tragic Seed
11 Troll Lullaby
12 Deflowered


Side D

13 The Body Lover
14 Shimmer
15 Act III
16 Troll



words and music, vocals, keyboards, tapes, sounds, bass guitar: jarboe

except # 4 words: m.gira music: m. gira, jarboe

electric guitar, double bass, percussion, sounds: lary seven.

drums on #2, 15, 16: michael evans.

acoustic guitar on # 4: m. gira

recorded at plastikville studios, new york city

lary seven: engineer

except # 4 recorded live by berry kamer

for vpro radio, holland

this album mixed at civa studio, atlanta

engineer: clint steele

mastered at griffin mastering

engineer: chris griffin

remastered by george emmanuel

this album produced by jarboe

all songs jarboe music/ascap

except # 4 young god publishing/ascap

cover art drawing by deryk thomas

“energy field” cover drawing and back cover painting by jarboe

photo of jarboe by moselle

layout design: riccardo isolabella    –


Jarboe reveals some hidden  secrets about “Sacrificial Cake”:

“Ode to V” is a feminist song and is the result of my research of terms, including archaic ones throughout history, for both female orgasm and the vagina. Thus the V.
The final words are deliberately suggesting a double entendre : ” transmit her ”  and “transmitter”…
“Deflowered” is a song using sarcastic wit and is about rocker girls and the manipulation of young women in rock in the music business machine. “Just get down on your knees and cease every ….opportunity” is a reference to what is expected to “make it” by giving head.
I wrote “The Body Lover” about a fetishistic grave robber. It is intended as a gothic horror poem set during the Victorian age in England. The grave robber in the tale is paid for pounds of flesh in pounds of money to dig up corpses. On this night after he admires and caresses the corpse, and then gets his pay,  he roams the streets drunk with blood lust.

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