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Infernal Throne – Caelum Et Infernum – CD



Theogonia Records proudly presents the long-awaited debut album “CAELUM ET INFERNUM” by the Greek black/thrash metal force, Infernal Throne. Hailing from the ancient city of Corinth, Infernal Throne has emerged as a relentless and uncompromising powerhouse in the Hellenic underground metal scene.

With a tracklist that promises to take listeners on a tumultuous journey through realms of chaos and darkness, “CAELUM ET INFERNUM” delivers a blistering 50-minute assault on the senses. The album features a diverse array of collaborations, showcasing the band’s unyielding commitment to their art.

The auditory onslaught begins with the intense “A World Of Chaos” setting the stage for the cataclysmic experience to follow. “Wings Of Winter” features a special appearance by the esteemed Greg Barlas, while “Desolation” boasts the powerful presence of Kerveros. The epic journey continues with “Among Two Worlds” (feat. Greg Barlas), leading to the title track “Caelum Et Infernum,” an unrelenting display of raw power and fierce musical prowess.

“And Lead Us Not Into Temptation” weaves a tale of darkness and despair, leading into the haunting depths of “Thy Flame Of Darkness”. The album’s dynamic range reaches its apex with the collaborative fury of “Cataclysm Of The Soul” (feat. Greg Barlas) before finding serenity and transcendence in “Αιώνια Ζωή (Eternal Life – feat Archon)”. The journey comes to a close with “No Hope, No Pain” leaving listeners mesmerized and hungry for more.

The album’s immersive experience is enhanced by the mesmerizing cover artwork, crafted by the talented Haris Burekas. Inside the 12-page full-color booklet, fans will find the meticulously crafted lyrics, further immersing themselves in the depths of Infernal Throne’s dark vision.

The production, mixing, and mastering of “CAELUM ET INFERNUM” were masterfully executed by none other than Infernal Throne themselves, ensuring that every note and riff resonates with pure, unadulterated power.

As the physical CD release date of 29th September 2023 approaches and the digital release of 15th September 2023 draws near, the anticipation among black and thrash metal enthusiasts continues to grow. Infernal Throne’s unyielding dedication to their craft and Theogonia Records’ unwavering support for the underground scene ensure that “CAELUM ET INFERNUM” will carve its name into the annals of metal history.

Prepare to embrace the infernal depths of “CAELUM ET INFERNUM” as Infernal Throne sets ablaze the boundaries of black and thrash metal. The legions await, ready to surrender to the mastery of Greek metal’s rising force. Join the journey and become a part of the dark legacy.


  • A Blistering Sonic Odyssey: “CAELUM ET INFERNUM” beckons fans into an intense 50-minute black/thrash metal journey through realms of chaos and darkness. With its diverse collaborations and unyielding musical commitment, the album promises an auditory onslaught that takes listeners on an unforgettable sonic odyssey.

  • Collaborative Brilliance: This album showcases a unique array of collaborations, bringing together the best in the genre. From the powerful presence of Kerveros and Archon to the esteemed appearance of Greg Barlas, “CAELUM ET INFERNUM” isn’t just an album; it’s a meeting of musical minds that elevates the experience to unparalleled heights.

  • Craftsmanship in Every Detail: From the immersive cover artwork by Haris Burekas to the meticulously crafted lyrics within the 12-page full-color booklet, “CAELUM ET INFERNUM” isn’t just about the music – it’s about a complete sensory experience. Meticulous production, mixing, and mastering by Infernal Throne themselves ensure that every note resonates with raw and unadulterated power.

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