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Ikon – Destroying The Vampire – Double CD in 6 panel ecofile (Limited to 400 copies)



Destroying The Vampire contains IKON’s two studio albums „Destroying The World To Save It“ and „Psychic Vampire“ (in a remastered version plus unreleased Bonus Material), comes as 6-Page-Eco-Digifile and is limited to 400 copies

IKON are one of the oldest members of the Gothic / New Wave scene ; Inspired by bands like Joy Division and New Order IKON started  in 1993 and are still active today. Their own mixture of Gothic Rock, Post Punk, Dark Wave and NeoFolk is as versatile as it is consistent and band head Chris McCarter has always remained true to himself and his fans.

Psychic Vampire (EP Version) / I Never Wanted You (Version II) / Blue Murder (Version II) / Crucified (Version II) / As Fate Decrees / The Garden Of The Lost (Version II) / A Heartless Soul / Purgatory
Sinister / Evil Ways / Death By Dawn / None Worse Than A Woman Spawned / Psychic Vampire (Backdrop Mix) / I Never Wanted You (Version I) / Blue Murder (Version I) / Crucified (Version I) / The Garden Of The Lost (Version I) / As Fate Decrees (Acoustic Version)

Never Forgive! Never Forget! / The Dying Crown / Without Shadows / God Has Fallen From The Sky / Psychic Vampire / Father Of Lies / Ashes Of Blue / Rome / My Crucible / Heresy / Slaughter (For The Glory Of Christ And The King) / Path Of The Unknown / The Black Goat Of Judas / Ashes Of Blue (Original Version) / The Black Goat Of Judas (Version II) / Father Of Lies (Unreleased Single Version) / Never Forgive! Never Forget! (Promo Edit)

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