SKU: SM37170222

Iced Earth – Horror Show – Double Gold Vinyl in Luxurious Triple Gatefold (Limited to 500 copies)



Label: Sevan Mater/Zamusica

Format: Double Gold Vinyl in Luxurious Triple Gatefold

Cat Nr: SM37170222

Barcode: 0617669419687

Release Date: 22.10.2024

Style: Heavy Metal, Power Metal

Iced Earth‘s “Horror Show” is a masterpiece of an album that perfectly captures the essence of horror and darkness. The band’s signature blend of heavy metal and power metal is on full display here, with haunting melodies, thunderous riffs, and powerful vocals that send chills down your spine. The sound quality of the album is impeccable, with every instrument and vocal line coming through crystal clear. The production is top-notch, allowing each track to shine and create a truly immersive listening experience.

Compared to Iced Earth‘s previous works, “Horror Show” stands out as a concept album that delves deep into the world of classic horror stories and characters. Each track tells a different tale, from the chilling “Dracula” to the epic “The Phantom Opera Ghost“, showcasing the band’s versatility and storytelling prowess. Favorite track from the album is “Dracula“, a haunting and atmospheric masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of the legendary vampire. The dark and brooding melody, combined with powerful vocals and intense guitar work, creates a truly unforgettable listening experience. The lyrical themes throughout the album are dark and macabre, exploring the depths of human fear and the supernatural. The musicianship displayed by the band is exceptional, with tight rhythms, intricate guitar solos, and soaring vocals that keep you engaged from start to finish.

Overall, “Horror Show” is a phenomenal album that showcases Iced Earth at the top of their game. The band’s ability to craft intricate and captivating stories through their music is truly impressive, and this album is a testament to their talent and creativity. I give “Horror Show” a perfect 10/10 rating for its outstanding musicianship, storytelling, and production quality.

The album comes out in two new editions, two colors (Gold and marbed Blu-Black), Triple Deluxe Gatefold Cover, sealed with sticker!




Side A

A1 Wolf
A2 Damien
A3 Jack

Side B

B1 Ghost Of Freedom
B2 Im-Ho-Tep (Pharaoh’s Curse)
B3 Jekyll & Hyde

Side C

C1 Dragon’s Child
C2 Transylvania
C3 Frankenstein

Side D

D1 Dracula
D2 The Phantom Opera Ghost


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