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Grave – As Rapture Comes – Luxurious Triple Gatefold Vinyl (Silver – Limited to 500 copies)



The Circle Music Exclusive Worldwide Distribution

Release Date: 01.02.2024

Style: Death Metal

  • Luxurious Triple Gatefold
  • Silver Color
  • 180 gr vinyls



Limited Luxurious Triple Gatefold Silver Vinyl (500 copies).

Cat Nr: SM 47170422 

Barcode: 0617669420096 


Sevan Mater proudly present: 

Grave – As Rapture Comes


Side 1:

A1 Intro – Day Of Reckoning
A2 Bur
A3 Through Eternity
A4 By Demons Bred
A5 Unholy Terror
A6 Battle Of Eden

Side 2:

B1 Living The Dead Behind
B2 Epic Obliteration
B3 Autopsied
B4 Them Bones
B5 As Rapture Comes


The Swedish Grave remains one of the fundamental and “classic” bands for the international Death Metal scene! In 2006 time has come for “As Rapture Comes” and the band’s fans were satisfied, with an excellent album, and the title song from this LP is one of the best tracks ever in death metal history.

From side A to side B you get hit by a strong death metal machine, which works absolutely perfectly. “By Demons Bred” is probably the favourite song for most, very classic death metal tune with some of the best riffs by this band. Then “Unholy Terror” is the fastest song in Grave discography, so damn brutal and fast it is that the energy it unleashes may cause some serious damages. But honestly, the whole album is amazing, special in the vinyl edition. Not a single sound is useless. “Living the Dead Behind” (great epic fragment in the middle of the song!), “Burn“, “Autopsied”… Even the surprising cover of Alice In Chains‘ “Them Bones” fits the album perfectly and the reasons for that is the excellent production.

Of course the songwriting is also much better than on the previous LPs, these songs simply have something catchy and brutal, and there are no filler riffs. Perfect for headbanging and hmmm… the production gave Grave an extra energy.

The album comes out in two new editions, two colors (Gold and Silver), Triple Deluxe Gatefold Cover, sealed with sticker!

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