Faith And The Muse – The Burning Season – Limited Double Red & Black Marbled Gatefold Vinyl (Limited to 250 copies)


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Release Date:  21.07.2023

Style: Gothic, Darkwave

  • New cover & lay-out by Monica Richards
  • New Mastering by George Emmanuel (Pentagram Studio).
  • Plus 3 Bonus Live Tracks: .
  • 180 gr.
  • First time on vinyl.

Format: Limited Double Red & Black Marbled Gatefold LP (250 copies)

Cat No:TCM024LP

Barcode: 0634240127618


Side 1:

1. Bait & Switch

2. Sredni Vashtar

3. Boudiccea

4. The Burning Season

Side 2:

1. Whispered In Your Ear

2. Gone to Ground

3. Relic Song

4. In the Amber Room

Side 3:

1. Failure To Thrive

2. Visions

3. Prodigal

4. Willow’s Song

Side 4:

1. Bait & Switch/Sredni Vashtar (Live Convergence 2007)

2. Relic Song (Live Convergence 2007)

3. The Burning Season (Live Convergence 2007)


Album Credits

All instruments and voices performed by William Faith and Monica Richards except :

Drums on Tracks 1, 2, 3 & 11 by Chad Blinman

Violins on 10 & 12 performed and recorded by Matt Howden/Sieben at Redroom, Sheffield, England

Gone To Ground” performed with the Happy One-Time Orchestra at Cafe Society
Produced by Faith and the Muse

Additional programming and treatments by Chad Blinman
All songs composed by Faith and the Muse © and p Elyrian Music, BMI, 2003 except

Willow’s Song” written by Paul Giovanni

Recorded by William Faith at Wisperthal, Los Angeles, CA January – April 2003
Mixed by Chad Blinman at the Eye Socket, Venice, CA
Mastered by Joe Gastwirt at Joe Gastwirt Mastering, Oak Park, CA
Photos by Clovis IV • Design and Layout by Monica Richards

Vinyl Mastering by George Emmanuel (Pentagram Studio)


“Oh yeah, you’ve come this far
It’s just a little further from where you are.
Another hour, another mile, one more year…
It might be easier to let yourself disappear.
Always on the outside,
And all eyes turn away
All eyes turn away.
It’s fragile work to keep your dream.
But the older that we get the farther they seem.
Don’t give up, don’t give out, don’t give in.
Yeah, you’ve come this far, does it matter if they never let you in?
Always on the outside…”

(Whispered In Your Ear – Faith And The Muse)

We are in the year 2003. The first decade since the founding of Faith And The Muse has just ended. It’s been four whole years since the release of “Evidence Of Heaven” and all this time the band, in the midst of many concerts, has been preparing the next recording. They are at a pivotal point now, as they have completed three gothic benchmark albums and expectations have grown. They choose not to rest on what they’ve already created and once again refuse to repeat what they’ve already made, stylistically or thematically. They risk everything with an all new sound and look…

The Burning Season” is full of innovative elements.  Their darkwave/gothic personal style has been grafted with a plethora of new sounds resulting in an ideal sonic pandemonium. Although gothic rock dominates again, it is now surrounded by electronic passages, punk outbursts (that also testify some of the origins of the band members) and even old jazz sounds. To those who haven’t heard the album and are wondering how it is possible for all of this to sound harmonious: you have no choice but to leave yourselves in the hands of William Faith & Monica Richards.

Our reviews of the time spoke of the most complete album offered by Faith & the Muse up to that point. From our side, we don’t know if this is exactly true, as it is a completely subjective & objectively difficult task to distinguish any F&TM’s albums from the rest. We will repeat the same comment we made when we welcomed them to The Circle Music, shortly before the release of “Elyria” on vinyl: This duo is unique and has only offered amazing albums.

The Burning Season” consists of 12 masterfully structured compositions. 12 songs that, despite being quite different from each other, magically create an amazing atmosphere, a sound feast that lasts 52 minutes.

We are proud to release “The Burning Season” for the first time on vinyl, a full 20 years after its first official release.

(The Circle Music)


The Burning Season was a bit of a rebirth for us. We really took our time to figure out where we were as artists, and what we wanted to express. It’s one of my all-time favorite albums, and we are so pleased to be able to release it on vinyl with The Circle Music on its 20th Anniversary, with an exclusive new cover design!”

(Monica Richards)

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