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Dishonour ‎– Erasing The Rats – CD (EP – Cardboard Sleeve)



Prepare yourself for the arrival of DISHONOUR, the new force in the blackened death metal scene. With their debut MCD “Erasing The Rats”, they are set to unleash a furious and dark sound that will shatter all expectations. Featuring four tracks and with a playing time of 15 minutes and 48 seconds, this MCD will leave you gasping for air and craving more. The brainchild of Marco “The Beast” Ferreira, a misanthropic Luciferian writer and composer, and Bruno Silva, a multi-talented musician, and producer, DISHONOUR is the result of their relentless pursuit of musical perfection.


“Erasing The Rats” is a testament to DISHONOUR’s commitment to its art form, with its haunting melodies, relentless riffs, and thunderous drums. This debut MCD is a celebration of all things Luciferian, a bold statement that defies convention and embraces the darkness within. Each track is a masterpiece of brutality and darkness, leaving you no choice but to surrender to their diabolical vision.

DISHONOUR’s unique blend of death and black metal will leave you breathless, with its powerful and brutal delivery that will transport you to the darkest depths of your soul. Joined by the top-notch musicians from the underground scene, Nuno Mourão, Magnus Einar, and Ruben Oliveira, DISHONOUR is ready to conquer the world with their crude and intense sound.

Get ready to experience the raw power of DISHONOUR’s debut MCD “Erasing The Rats,” set to be released on May 25th, 2023 via Theogonia Records. Join them on this diabolical journey and become part of their dark and furious world. The time has come to erase the rats and unleash the beast.

Are you ready to embrace the darkness within?


  • Haunting melodies, relentless riffs, and thunderous drums: DISHONOUR’s musical perfection.

  • Death and black metal combined: DISHONOUR’s unique and breathless sound.

  • Available on cardboard sleeve CD, strictly limited to 300 copies.

  • Surrender to Darkness: Embrace the diabolical vision within “Erasing The Rats”.

1. Erasing The Rats (3:53)

2. Mayhem’s Heritage (3:34)

3. Storming The Nazarene (4:28)

4. The Choir Of Sodomized Angels (3:53)

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