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Dark Fortress – Venereal Dawn – Luxurious Iron Box – Collector’s Edition (60 Copies)



Label: Sevan Mater

Format: Luxurious Iron Box – Collector’s Edition

Includes: Double Red Gatefold Vinyl

Cat Nr: SM 31171221BOX

Barcode: 0617669419830

Release Date: In Stock

Style: Black Metal

  • Luxurious Iron Box 
  • Double Red vinyl in Gatefold
  • 180 gr Vinyl
  • Collector’s Edition
  • Limited edition (60 copies)
  • Attention: Very Heavy product (4 Kg)

There are only so many adjectives one can add to describe Dark Fortress’ darkly progressive music, it is a fact, however, that ‘Venereal Dawn’ is quite a bit different than the Dissection-isms of the Germans’ earliest work. ‘Venereal Dawn’ is a hi- ghly dynamic, intense and atmospheric work that gets better with each spin. Although the band’s roots are obvious, there aren’t many elements traditionally associated with black metal on ‘Venereal Dawn’. There is hardly any tremolo picking, li- mited blastbeats and even the vocals are quite measured by the genre’s standards. The gothic qualities are not quite as pro- nounced as on its predecessor ‘Ylem’, but the power of the album is in its atmosphere and subdued tempos.


Venereal Dawn’ further explores what is possible within the boundaries of Dark Fortress’ core sound without alienating their existing fan base.  As stated in the beginning of this review, it is quite diffi-cult to categorize the music on ‘Venereal Dawn’, but that is exactly what makes the album so good.


Recommended tracks: ‘On Fever’s Wings’, ‘Venereal Dawn’, ‘Luciform’, ‘Chrysalis’.


This album comes out in deluxe Triple Gatefold edition, in two colors (White / Red) 500 limited edition each. There is also a special limited edition of 60 copies in Metal Box for the collectors (Red Vinyl).


Tracking List:


A1 Venereal Down

A2 Lloigor

B1 Betrayal And Vengeance

B2 Chrysalis

C1 I Am The Jigsaw Of A Mad God

C2 The Deep

C3 Odem

D1 Luciform

D2 On Fever’s Wings


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