Corvus Corax – Sverker – Luxurious Tip On Sleeve Heavy Cardboard Marbled Gold & Black Gatefold Vinyl edition (Limited to 250 copies)


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Cat. No.: TCM018LP

Barcode: 0634240189319

Release Date: 22.09.2023

Format: Luxurious Tip On Sleeve Heavy Cardboard Gold & Black Marbled Gatefold Vinyl Edition (Limited to 250 copies)

Style: Medieval

  • New Mastering by George Emmanuel (Pentagram Studio).
  • New lay out by Riccardo Isolabella
  • Tip On Sleeve Heavy Cardboard Gatefold Jacket
  • 180 gr vinyl

Track list

Side A

1. Intro Gjallarhorni

2. Gjallarhorni

3. Sverker

4. Fiach Dubh

5. Trinkt Vom Met

6. The Drinking Loving Dancer

7. Lá í mBealtaine


Side B

1. Havfrue

2. Baldr

3. Ragnarök

4. Tjúgundi Biðil

5. Na láma-sa


CORVUS CORAX – line up

Wim – Bagpipes, Shawm, Urhorn, Trumscheit, Schlagbass, Cornetto, Backing Vocals

Castus – Vocals, Bagpipes, Shawm, Urhorn, Trumscheit, Schlagbass, Cister, Harp, Organistrum, Flute

Norri Drescher – Drums, Percussion, Urhorn, Gordon, Schlagbass, Timpani, Backing Vocals

Hatz– Percussion, Urhorn, Backing Vocals

PanPeter – Bagpipes, Shawm, Urhorn, Rakrak, Backing Vocals

Vit Polák – Bagpipes, Shawm, Urhorn, Rakrak, Organistrum, Backing Vocals

Steve the Machine – Drums, Percussion, Urhorn, Backing Vocals


Studio recordings: Wim Dobbrisch, Castus Karsten Liehm, Norbert „Norri“ Drescher


Guest musicians: Arndis Halla – Voc [10]   Thommy Hein – Voc [6]   Sebastian Seifert & Meister Selbfried – Voc [5]



recorded 2011 at Corvus Corax Studios / Thommy Hein Studios  

mixed & mastered by Thommy Hein & Corvus Corax

mastered (vinyl edition) by George Emmanuel (Pentagram Studio)

photography by Jo Fischer //  design by Katharina Coen

layout by Riccardo Isolabella (

℗&©2011 Behßmokum records

℗&©2023 The Circle Music

Corvus Corax founder Castus says:
Sverker” marks an important milestone in the history of Corvus Corax. Bringing old Viking and Celtic music back to life was not yet the big thing that it is nowadays. We are happy that with The Circle Music we found a partner that has dedicated itself to producing high quality vinyl records and giving special albums the affectionate outfit they deserve. “Sverker” is by far the most successful album of Corvus Corax worldwide and we are often surprised by people from every corner of the world thanking us for that album. So with these two beautiful vinyl editions i feel deeply honored. They are kind of a little monument to its songs.”
 Drummer Norri adds:
“I grew up with 80ies metal and industrial music, so running to the record store to catch the newest vinyl records was a vital part of my life and made me become a musician at all. When we originally released “Sverker” in 2011, vinyl was no longer in focus of the music industry. It makes me more than proud and I can’t wait to spin that album on my turntables finally!”

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