Corax B.M. – Pagana – Tape (Limited to 100 copies)



Release date:26.01.2024

Format:  Tape (Limited to 100 copies) 

Cat No: TCM026TAPE

Style: Black/Thrash Metal 

Barcode: 0634240127601


Side A

1)Angelos Eksodios

2) Mythos



Side B

5) Taphos



The Circle Music proudly announces the debut full-length album “Pagana” from the Greek pagan black metallers Corax B.M.
Corax B.M.‘s sound could best be characterized as a combination of black metal that owes a lot to early Rotting ChristNecromantia and thrash metal or even hardcore influences that parade in many parts of their music. The Greek verse gives its own distinct moment. Agressive, rough and emotionally charged, “Pagana” oozes with energy from start to finish.
Enjoy an album made with a lot of care and love for extreme music.
Corax B.M. states:
Pagana” is our First Full length album and the ear of our first EP “Spread The Occult”.
7 songs composed by 2 Basses (Vi bass guitar) and a 4 string for even darker melodies and riffs .
The most of lyrics are in Greek Language to express our feelings better in the black canvas.
This is a Pagan Black Metal album with a lot of Thrash and Hardcore Punk influences dressed up with dark melodies from the Primal Greek and Scandinavian BM scene”

Line Up

Kostas “Corax” Katoikos : Lead Vocals/ Rythm Bass

Thanos “Peisithanatos” Nanopoulos :Lead Vi Bass

Ennea : Additional Vocals

Giannis “Morker” Chariskos : Drums

Recordings started in November 2022 till January 2023 in CFN Recordings Studios by the producer and sound engineer Dionisis Christodoulatos.

In CFN Studios recorded all the bass and Vocals.

Drum Recordings took place in Thessaloniki at Infected Studio by the sound engineer Giorgos Stournaras.

All mix and mastering by Dionisis Christodoulatos.

The band decided for this album not to use guitars as you can listen in the first E.P but a Vi bass guitar for the lead parts and a four string bass for the rhythm parts of the songs.

Lyrics of Angelos Eksodios ,Mythos,Apostatis,Taphos Zophos by Corax .

Lyrics of Pagana By Corax and Ennea

Lyrics of Antara By Corax and Morker


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