Awen – Reincarnation – Digi CD (Limited)



Artists working in the genres of neofolk and post-industrial do not usually participate in ‘remixes’ of the kind found in other genres, but why not? After all, the community is relatively small, but at the same time creative and well-networked. So why not try a little experiment?

Erin Powell of AWEN decided to take the risk, and is proud to announce that 17 of his friends and associates responded to the challenge, producing remixes or covers of AWEN tracks. Just a load of remixes? Nope! ‘Reinterpretations’ would be a better word.

‘AWEN – Reincarnation’ features tracks from SPIRITUAL FRONT, BOYD RICE, NACHTMAHR, PATRICK LEAGAS and many more renowned artists. For instance, the contributions by the bittersweet, sarcastic OSTARA or the eternally unpredictable SAMSAS TRAUM go far beyond the scope of the originals, and are actually cover versions. The styles represented on ‘AWEN – Reincarnation’ span neofolk to death industrial, dance, experimental ambient and even black metal!

Released via TRISOL as a strictly limited 4-panel digipak CD (999 copies) – the oddest AWEN release yet, but as necessary as the love of one’s friends!

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