Autumn Tears – Guardian Of The Pale – Double Jewel Case CD



Autumn Tears – Guardian Of The Pale

Release date: 24.03.2023

Format: Double Jewel Case CD with 20 pages booklet

Cat No: TCM023CD

Barcode: 5902693146230

Style: Neo Classical, Ethereal 


Acclaimed international music act Autumn Tears return with their biggest and most ambitious work to date entitled “Guardian of the Pale“. Once again releasing a double album of brand new music, available as a digital download, 2CD jewel case package and a Limited 2CD digipak, both with a CD exclusive bonus track as well as a limited double vinyl gatefold package with a 16 page illustrated lyric book and vinyl exclusive bonus track.
Featuring a fully orchestrated, rich classical ensemble and full choir, this new album features the most epic, organic and diverse songs to date!  Our 70+ musician and vocalist lineup includes composer / pianist / lyricist Ted Tringo, classical / opera duet & composers Caroline Joy Clarke and Darren Clarke (Trovatori), composer, arranger, producer and sound designer Soroush Abedi, vocalist and songwriter Ffion Elisa Williams, singer / songwriter Tamar Singer (Zeresh, Cruel Wonders, Necromishka), vocalist and songwriter Dawn Desireé Smith (ex-Rain Fell Within) and violin/viola/cello duo Severndeo, together with a massive ensemble of musicians and vocalists.  Special guests include Francesca Nicoli from Italian neoclassical band AtaraxiaAgnete Mangnes Kirkevaag from Norwegian progressive metal act Madder Mortem and opera singer Ann-Mari Edvardsen Alexis (ex-The 3rd and the Mortal).
Cover artwork by award winning artist Marcela Bolívar. Mastered by Peter Bjärgö (Arcana, Sophia).

CD 1

1     Old Tree 

2     Of Wind, Water and Sand 

3     A Requiem For Each New Day 

4     Daydreaming In Ash Fields

5     Lunatic Poetry 

6     Still The Wonder Lingers 

7     Lavender Mist

8     Sublimity 

9     The Clairvoyant 


CD 2

1     The Sound of Withering 

2     Radiant Blood 

3     The Stain Beneath The Skin

4     The Pulse in the Sky 

5     As If We Were Never There 

6     And There Rises From Somewhere 

7     Guardian of the Pale

8     The Widowtree (CD Bonus)


Line up:

Piano, composition, arrangements, lyrics: Ted Tringo

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements, choir vocals: Caroline Joy Clarke

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements, choir vocals: Darren Clarke

Composition, arrangements, tar and percussion: Soroush Abedi

Violin, viola, string arrangements: Jess Townsend 

Cello, string arrangements: Tom McCluskey

Violin, Viola, Cello: Roni Seiler

Arrangements and percussion: Artur Silveiro

Arrangements and percussion: Bartosz “Komario” Bartosiak

Arrangements and percussion: Armen Voskanian

Arrangements and percussion: Miro Rantalainen

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements: Tamar Singer

Lead vocals and vocal arrangements: Ffion Elisa Williams

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements: Francesca Nicoli

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements: Dawn Desireé Smith

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements: Agnete Mangnes Kirkevaag

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements: Eric Castiglia

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements: Carey Van Hollen

Backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements: Ann-Mari Edvardsen Alexis

Backing vocals, choir vocals: Nathan Nasby

Choir vocals: Imago Latens

Choir vocals: Jonathan Hartzendorf

Choir vocals: Millicent Chimonyo

Choir vocals: Daler Abdullayev

Choir vocals: Anne “Anaé” Laurent

Choir vocals: Alexandra Katya
Choir vocals: Cherly Susanti

Choir vocals: Kate Nord
Choir vocals: Kacy Lyra
Choir vocals: Alejo Alvarez Castillo
Choir vocals: Danny Chacin
Choir vocals: Alessandro Salvia

Violin, viola: Maria Grigoryeva

Cello: Natalia Nazarova

Marching snare: Callum Edwards

Trumpet: Josué García García

Trumpet: Ljupcho Bogatinoski

Trombone: María Gabriela Soto

Trombone: Gastón Rodella

French Horn: Claude Lumley

Snare drums, toms: Vicente Ferreira

Marching snare: Callum Edwards

Violin, viola: Sanja Smileska

Violin, viola: Oleg Bezuglov

French horn: Emily Joy

French Horn: Claude Lumley

Oboe: Carolina Prado Sánchez

Oboe: Carlos Otárola

Trumpet: Oli Parker

Trombone: María Gabriela Soto

Flute, Piccolo: Giulia Cacciavillani

Wooden traverse flute, tin whistle: Alia Fay

Harp: Grace Scheele

Harp: Katrin Romanova

Clarinet: Siarhey Shylenkou

Oud: Alan Chehab

Kamancheh: Majid Mazaheri

Orchestration arrangements, percussion: Eric Richards

Trumpet: Tyler Rumore

Trombone: Yegor Remmer

Child voice: Mayalia Sky Banda

Mastering: Peter Bjärgö

Artwork: Marcela Bolívar, Eugenia Bathoriya


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