Autumn Tears – Guardian Of The Pale – Double Digi CD (Limited to 500 copies)



Autumn Tears – Guardian Of The Pale

Release date: 24.03.2023

Format: Double Digi CD with 20 pages booklet

Cat No: TCM023CDD

Barcode: 5902693146247

Style: Neo Classical, Ethereal 

Limited to 500 copies!


Acclaimed international music act Autumn Tears return with their biggest and most ambitious work to date entitled “Guardian of the Pale“. Once again releasing a double album of brand new music, available as a digital download, 2CD jewel case package and a Limited 2CD digipak, both with a CD exclusive bonus track as well as a limited double vinyl gatefold package with a 16 page illustrated lyric book and vinyl exclusive bonus track.
Featuring a fully orchestrated, rich classical ensemble and full choir, this new album features the most epic, organic and diverse songs to date!  Our 70+ musician and vocalist lineup includes composer / pianist / lyricist Ted Tringo, classical / opera duet & composers Caroline Joy Clarke and Darren Clarke (Trovatori), composer, arranger, producer and sound designer Soroush Abedi, vocalist and songwriter Ffion Elisa Williams, singer / songwriter Tamar Singer (Zeresh, Cruel Wonders, Necromishka), vocalist and songwriter Dawn Desireé Smith (ex-Rain Fell Within) and violin/viola/cello duo Severndeo, together with a massive ensemble of musicians and vocalists.  Special guests include Francesca Nicoli from Italian neoclassical band AtaraxiaAgnete Mangnes Kirkevaag from Norwegian progressive metal act Madder Mortem and opera singer Ann-Mari Edvardsen Alexis (ex-The 3rd and the Mortal).
Cover artwork by award winning artist Marcela Bolívar. Mastered by Peter Bjärgö (Arcana, Sophia).

CD 1

1     Old Tree 

2     Of Wind, Water and Sand 

3     A Requiem For Each New Day 

4     Daydreaming In Ash Fields

5     Lunatic Poetry 

6     Still The Wonder Lingers 

7     Lavender Mist

8     Sublimity 

9     The Clairvoyant 


CD 2

1     The Sound of Withering 

2     Radiant Blood 

3     The Stain Beneath The Skin

4     The Pulse in the Sky 

5     As If We Were Never There 

6     And There Rises From Somewhere 

7     Guardian of the Pale

8     The Widowtree (CD Bonus)


Line up:

Piano, composition, arrangements, lyrics: Ted Tringo

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements, choir vocals: Caroline Joy Clarke

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements, choir vocals: Darren Clarke

Composition, arrangements, tar and percussion: Soroush Abedi

Violin, viola, string arrangements: Jess Townsend 

Cello, string arrangements: Tom McCluskey

Violin, Viola, Cello: Roni Seiler

Arrangements and percussion: Artur Silveiro

Arrangements and percussion: Bartosz “Komario” Bartosiak

Arrangements and percussion: Armen Voskanian

Arrangements and percussion: Miro Rantalainen

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements: Tamar Singer

Lead vocals and vocal arrangements: Ffion Elisa Williams

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements: Francesca Nicoli

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements: Dawn Desireé Smith

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements: Agnete Mangnes Kirkevaag

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements: Eric Castiglia

Lead and backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements: Carey Van Hollen

Backing vocals, vocal and lyric arrangements: Ann-Mari Edvardsen Alexis

Backing vocals, choir vocals: Nathan Nasby

Choir vocals: Imago Latens

Choir vocals: Jonathan Hartzendorf

Choir vocals: Millicent Chimonyo

Choir vocals: Daler Abdullayev

Choir vocals: Anne “Anaé” Laurent

Choir vocals: Alexandra Katya
Choir vocals: Cherly Susanti

Choir vocals: Kate Nord
Choir vocals: Kacy Lyra
Choir vocals: Alejo Alvarez Castillo
Choir vocals: Danny Chacin
Choir vocals: Alessandro Salvia

Violin, viola: Maria Grigoryeva

Cello: Natalia Nazarova

Marching snare: Callum Edwards

Trumpet: Josué García García

Trumpet: Ljupcho Bogatinoski

Trombone: María Gabriela Soto

Trombone: Gastón Rodella

French Horn: Claude Lumley

Snare drums, toms: Vicente Ferreira

Marching snare: Callum Edwards

Violin, viola: Sanja Smileska

Violin, viola: Oleg Bezuglov

French horn: Emily Joy

French Horn: Claude Lumley

Oboe: Carolina Prado Sánchez

Oboe: Carlos Otárola

Trumpet: Oli Parker

Trombone: María Gabriela Soto

Flute, Piccolo: Giulia Cacciavillani

Wooden traverse flute, tin whistle: Alia Fay

Harp: Grace Scheele

Harp: Katrin Romanova

Clarinet: Siarhey Shylenkou

Oud: Alan Chehab

Kamancheh: Majid Mazaheri

Orchestration arrangements, percussion: Eric Richards

Trumpet: Tyler Rumore

Trombone: Yegor Remmer

Child voice: Mayalia Sky Banda

Mastering: Peter Bjärgö

Artwork: Marcela Bolívar, Eugenia Bathoriya

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