Ataraxia – Pomegranate – The Chant Of The Elementals – Jewel Case CD



Release date: 21.09.2022

Format: Jewel Case CD with 16 pages booklet.

Code: TCM011

Barcode: 0634240063497

Style: Modern Classical, Neofolk, Ethereal, Dark Ambient 


1) Hlara Aralh
2) Oruphal
3) Ozoonhas
4) Nevenhir
5) Ode ad Afrodite
6) Ode a Dioniso
7) Aura Magi
8) Hummingbirds
9) Amethyst (bonus track)

Line up:

Francesca Nicoli
Vittorio Vandelli
classical and electric guitars, programming, back vocals
Giovani Pagliari
keyboards, piano, back vocals

guest musician:

Totem Bara
cello, timpani

All music by ATARAXIA

Lyrics by Francesca Nicoli

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Vittorio Vandelli between November 2021 and May 2022

Artist’s portraits by Giovanni Pagliari and Katerina Gerakari

Artwork concept and lay- out (CD, A5, vinyl, box) by Nicolas Ramain

Statement from Ataraxia:

Pomegranate” spreads seeds of Gold

     The new ATARAXIA album is a poetic race through the essence of the elements constantly inspired by the elemental spirits of nature to reach the athanor and embody the conjunctio oppositorum or alchemical marriage.

     The white fire of heaven has brought us to fusion with Hlara Aralh, bearer of the courage of the heart. The unfolding of the notes infuses us with a comprehensive and pervading sense of freedom and lightness. The tongues of crystal flame that purify without burning envelop us and lead us to the purest, most instinctive and vivifying feeling. A question resounds “Do you still dream your dream?” while the salamanders, live embers, lead us in the presence of Helios, the Sun, and we are asked: “Do you still feel the source?”

     The alchemical journey of the hero, the journey of all of us, goes on and enters the earth element represented by the depths of the forest and the cosmic dance of the deer.
Oruphal, root feet, phoenix wings, leads us into the underworld in the presence of our shadow that it is necessary to look at, welcome and integrate in order not to be servants inside and outside. As bleeding and exhausted beasts, we find ourselves hanging in the balance between a mystical portal and a precipice. Around us sulphureous depths, mountains and secret beaches. Then the wind breaks in and transforms us into moon quartz. Artemis, dryads and hamadryads, accompany us in the passage in order to be able to create and realize in the plane of matter.

     A new alchemical movement accompanies us from nigredo to albedo where Ozoonhas, an elemental spirit that crosses us like air for a passage up, welcomes us.

     Are we antennas? Each time we reach the highest point to make us channels of frequency, we rise in a spiral around the caduceus of Hermes-Mercury to reset our DNA and move among the stars. Upward, in the long summer nights, we contemplate the stars. The sylphs, elemental spirits of the air, inspire us by blowing subtle intelligence into us.

     From height to uterine abysses, between spirit and matter, enveloped by the liquid currents of Nevenhir, elemental spirit of water, nereid and siren.

     In the sea depths we sow gifts and make sonic plants grow, we appear and disappear with very light wings embroidering dreams. As star cells, we stay expanded and suspended taking magical forms and smiling inside.

     Purified and new, we now have access to the reign of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Grace and Beauty that welcomes us in a triumph of flowery meadows, perfumes, colors, sensual whispers, essences, auroral choirs and enchanting arias. In Myrtea, let’s raise the song!

     The counterpoint of the Goddess is Dionysus, God of mystical ecstasy and folly.

     Through entropy and chaos a new order of adamantine purity is ringed even if to reach it we have to cross the cave-skin of the God, his archaic and anthropomorphic face, his laser eyes, until we are magnetized into his mineral, animal, human and divine world. So, we are in the presence of “otherness” in a twilight atmosphere. The God of Mountains and Caves, the multiform God of catharsis, leads us galloping to a solar oracle that allows us to access the last phase of the journey that’s Rubedo.

     We are in the higher mental field, Aura Magi.

     In this space, the ether paints sidereal distances, gives us the power of vision, the ability to communicate with everything and with the divine forces of the inter-worlds. It is an initiatory passage of renewal and intense peace, a mystical caress. We contemplate the mysteries, forms that manifest, and we are subtle fire wrapped in mortal flesh.

     The sonic journey ends with an outro that catapults us back into the matter of the origins as renewed creatures.

     We are on an island in a primeval state, the singing of the hummingbirds, the bells, the wind and the words of power of the priestesses envelop us.

     The CD and A5 editions of the album contain a bonus track, Amethyst, a purple healing stone, in which, calm and contemplative, we thank for the gifts received after two years of very hard trials (2020-2022). Courage, beauty, intelligence, love, desire for achievement have ensured that “Pomegranate”, thanks to the precious support of The Circle Music, could take shape and flourish.

The gold vinyl edition is accompanied by an artbook of sublime paintings by “Insetti Xilografi” and poetic writings by Francesca Nicoli, a passionate embrace of natural elements, mythological and floral figures, magical and sensual words and worlds. All of this achieved thanks to the artistic skill of Nicolas Ramain, a highly talented graphic designer.

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