Melan Selas – Zephyrean Hymns – Out today!!!

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“Zephyrean Hymns” Limited Black Vinyl & Merch (T-shirt & Zip Hoodie) Out Today!!!

A5 CD & Luxurious Box Out on: 09.10.2023

The moment for the new Melan Selas album has arrived. If the debut (Φάος) piqued the interest of the listeners, then “Zephyrean Hymns  will drive crazy those who pinned their hopes on this very special duo of musicians.

Zephyrean Hymns” consits of 8 songs that create a unique atmosphere. Sometimes the listener is assaulted by raging riffs and eerie screams and at other times engrossed in seductive vocals travelling with dreamy melodies.

The two members of the band, D.K. & Astraea, can be proud that “Zephyrean Hymns” breathes new life into the black metal era and automatically ranks them among the many promising forces of the local scene who have a lot to offer in the future.


“Melan Selas has crafted a truly solid album that will appeal to fans and newcomers alike and should help thrust their name into the upper echelons of modern black metal.” – Metal Underground

“carrying the torch of Greek extreme music anywhere they go armed with their stylish and captivating new album and, consequently, embracing our damned souls without a single drop of mercy.” – The Headbanging Moose

“A worthy voice for the cult and a great direction overall as Melan Selas lean towards their heavy metal driven strengths rather than press on too quickly into abstract forms. A high recommendation.” – Grizzly Butts

“…a proud addition to the annals of Greek black metal and in times to come the name Melan Selas may be a name whispered in ceremony alongside the likes of Varathron, Rotting Christ and Necromantia” – PowerPlay Magazine

“…a hell of a record…” – Zware Metalen