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The KALT VINDUR ensemble was established in the spring of 2015, and the
Dukla became the mainstay of the band. It was here that the band found a rehearsal room on the premises of the Municipal Cultural Centre, and it is also from here that Artur (Svart), the band’s founder, comes from. After personnel changes in the line-up of Artur (Svart) – guitar, Julian (Xakhariash) – drums, Szymon (S) – bass guitar, Wojciech (Celsus) – vocals, the band records their first album entitled ‘Delusions‘ released in 2017 by Polish music label Mara Productions. For concert purposes, Kalt Vindur is joined by guitarist Marcin (Ver), who becomes a permanent member of the band.

The band’s first album brings six compositions set in the climate of progressive black metal, characterised by the climate of the Podkarpacie region demonstrating itself in the melodics and aggression of the rhythms. The themes of the lyrics were, among others, man’s struggle with his inner demons, weaknesses, as well as events related to the history of the Podkarpacie region, such as the devastating battles of the Second World War, death, destruction and suffering. The band’s debut was met with a very favourable reception in the underground.

In 2020, the second album entitled “…And Nothing Is Endless” was released by Witching Hour Production (Batushka, Vader), on which the band consistently developed their style, called for their own purposes as subcarpathian black metal. This time, the music gained even more power and melody with a regional tinge. The compositions became even more violent and heavy. The second album strengthened the band’s position, a lot of very good reviews appeared, which influenced the recognition of the band. Kalt Vindur played concerts alongside such bands as Pandemonium, Hate, Batushka, Jarun, Zmarły and performed at Siekiera Fest 2021.

In 2022, the band recorded material for their third album entitled ‘Magna Mater’. The band’s style has also evolved this time, it is the most mature work which brings surprising changes, but at the same time it is a multidimensional and coherent album.

In 2023 Kalt Vindur signed deal with The Circle Music and a new era has begun. “Magna mater” will be released in January 2024.

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