Kalt Vindur – “Magna Mater”, new album pre-order starts now!

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You are currently viewing Kalt Vindur – “Magna Mater”, new album pre-order starts now!

Release Date:  26.01.2024

Style: Pagan Black metal

Available formats:

▶ Jewel Case CD (TCM029CD)

▶ Limited Black LP with printed inner sleeve (500 copies) (TCM029LP)

▶ Tape (Limited to 100 copies) (TCM029TAPE)



1. Magna Mater

2. Żywioły

3. Agonizing Luminosity

4. Bless Us

5. Possessed By Lunacy

6. Visions Of Purification

7. Mist Over Cergova


“… a portion of mystery and mysticism extracted from the forests of the Podkarpacie region, makes me find something in the sound of this album… in this music, that makes me bow my head out of respect for primal, natural forces. It is said that this third album in the discography is the most important one…I have no doubt whatsoever that “Magna Mater” is a polished, ambitious and the best work in the several-year history of Kalt Vindur, and if this is how black metal of the 21st century is to sound, it should be glorified without a doubt. Recommendation!!! Amen.”

Metal Crush ‘Zine (Jarek)


In the era dominated by the image, Kult Vindur invest in composition. They deliver an album that has been worked with a lot of effort and passion.
Each of its 7 songs reveals their great talent and their incomparable
imagination, thanks to which “Magna Mater” overflows with synthetic ideas.
Black metal fans will find here whatever they are looking for:
Extreme outbursts, progressive melodies, solid rhythm section, excellent guitarplaying and aggressive vocals.
“Magna Mater” is an album that will not go unnoticed and breaks new
ground in heavy pagan black metal.
The future belongs to the brave, and Kalt Vindur are among them!

(The Circle Music)


Kalt Vindur states:

Svart (leader, guitarist, main composer): “Magna Mater is a new chapter for Kalt Vindur, the style of the songwiriting has changed, it is more in the convention of contemporary black metal, you can also find some features characteristic for the band, atmospheric melody and juxtaposition of various musical themes that make each track expressive and memorable. It’s also an album on with the largest number of blasts in our history! This album, although different, is surprisingly coherent and distinctive.

Celsus (vocalist, lyricist): “The lyrics of the new album were inspired by i.a. literature, state of consciousness, fragments of events, but above all, the place of their creation, associated with peace, space and slow flowing time. Nature, forms of religion and the sacrum associated with them, spirituality and the transience of life, but also certain rituals and beliefs existing in our culture that have been repeated for millennia, all constitute the foundation on which the words and emotions contained in the new album are based”.