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Faith and the Muse is Monica Richards and William Faith. Well-known and widely respected in the Underground community, Faith and the Muse have already made their indelible mark on Independent music and culture.They have been called “an art band with a pop sensibility”; refusing to conform to current fads in music.

Amidst a diverse musical background ranging from Dark Alternative Rock and Electronica to World Music & Neo-Classical, to Jazz, Avant Garde and Folk, Faith and the Muse provide one of the rarest experiences in art, theater and music. As artists and songwriters, William Faith and Monica Richards have created their own unique universe by allowing no boundaries to the music they write, reaching across historical genre and cultural style. From personal acoustic pieces and traditional/tribal folk melodies to grand orchestral production and dark rock epics, this diverse combination of simplicity and complexity places Faith And The Muse in their own musical category.

Faith and the Muse came together in 1993 with the intention of taking music to new extremes; both being established veterans in Underground music. William Faith played with such cult icons as Christian Death and Shadow Project; Monica Richards, who got her start in music fronting Washington D.C. punk bands in the early 1980’s, made a name for herself in the post-punk outfit, Strange Boutique.

With the release of five albums and one double CD live/remix album, along with extensive touring throughout the U.S. and Europe over nearly two decades, the band managed to gain the attention of a vast assortment of music fans, owing to their constantly evolving sound: indefinable but unmistakable.