Faith And The Muse – Evidence Of Heaven – First time on vinyl.

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Release Date:  09.December.2022

The Circle Music proudly announces the third album of U.S. Goth pioneers Faith And The Muse, “Evidence Of Heaven” for first time on vinyl.“If you hover here you’ll feel her
Amidst the dust and silence, in bones and withered leaves…Oh speak your heart to the trees
The restless breezeWhat bade you search for the love you should have knownIn wildflowers overgrown you know her nameless stone
And if you find her three hundred years from nowLaughter on the hillside
Dawn’s colors in her eyesWould you tell her your heart? Oh your heart…
(Faith and the Muse – Dead Leaf Echo)

Let’s go back to the year 1999. It’s only five years since the debut of “Elyria”, and three years since “Annwyn, Beneath The Waves”, when Faith and the Muse decide to release their third album “Evidence Of Heaven”. Since 1994, Faith and the Muse has toured and performed throughout the U.S. and Europe, becoming a highly beloved band of the genre.

When it came to “Evidence Of Heaven”, the band took on the recording and mixing themselves, with William Faith doing the production. The music is more mature and determined, with a complexity and character destined to extend their already broad range of talent. As a whole, “Evidence Of Heaven” is perhaps their most melancholy album. There is a ghostly aspect in many of the songs, with a great deal of spirituality and soft focus in this deep exploration, blending dark and classic gothic riffs with Renaissance and Victorian melodies. And in the center comes the conceptually-inspired “The Haunted Palace (In 3 Acts)”, which underlines the main theme of this otherworldly collection of songs, all masterfully mixed by William Faith. And in “Evidence Of Heaven”, Monica Richards has truly developed her magical voice, floating past but echoing back forbidden realms to us ordinary mortals.

Many compositions might compete to be the favorite: (“Reine La Belle”, “Old Souls”, “Shattered In Aspect”, “Plague Dance”, “Importune Me No More” – with an incredible recital by Monica, “Patience Worth”, “Through The Pale Door”, “Denn Die Todten Reiten Schnell”), but the title for us that wins is the song “The Chorus Of The Furies”, which comfortably sits in our top 10 ever from the band.

Today, 23 years after the first appearance, we proudly announce the release of “Evidence Of Heaven” for the first time on vinyl, with new mastering and the addition of 4 bonus live tracks.



1) Limited Double Blue & Black Marbled Gatefold Vinyl (Limited to 300 copies)

2) Limited Double White & Black Marbled Gatefold Vinyl (Limited to 300 copies)

Code: TCM021LP

Barcode: 0634240126451

Style: Gothic, Darkwave

New Mastering by George Emmanuel (Pentagram Studio).

Plus 4 Bonus Live Tracks: (“Scars Flown Proud”, “Shattered In Aspect”, “Plague Dance”, “Importune Me No More”).

First time on vinyl.

180 gr.



Side 1

1. Joy 0.43

2. Scars Flown Proud 4:24

3. Shattered in Aspect 4:10

4. The Chorus of the Furies 3:37

5. Patience Worth 3:42

Side 2

6. Dead Leaf Echo 5:42

7. Porphyrogene 2:17

8. Through the Pale Door 4:09

9. And Laugh but Smile No More 1:35

10. Plague Dance 3:24

Side 3

11. Denn die Todten Reiten Schnell 4:59

12. Importune Me No More 3:45

13. Reine La Belle 4:31

14. Old Souls 3:11

Side 4

1. Scars Flown Proud (Live Convergence 2007) 5:00

2. Shattered in Aspect (Live Convergence 2007) 5:09

3. Plague Dance (Live Houston 2010) 3:41

4. Importune Me No More (Live in Mainz 1999) 4:44


Monica Richards states:

Evidence of Heaven” was a deeply personal album, conceived out of the quiet memory of beloved friends who had recently passed. Full of ghosts and spectral atmospheres, we hope this new vinyl release will give the music a whole new sense of warmth and life. Our deepest gratitude and love goes out to the Circle Music for continuing their journey with Faith and the Muse on vinyl!”

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