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Corax B.M is a Hellenic Pagan Black Metal band based in Athens, Greece. The band started as a side project of Kostas “Corax” Katoikos (Blossom Death, Anachrist, In Burial, ex- Sorrowful Angels), who collaborated with the drummer Yiannis “Morker” Chariskos. After releasing 2 singles, Thanos “Peisithanatos” Nanopoulos (Drama Noir, ex- Endopia, ex- Order Of The Black Jacket) lined up with Ennea. After the Polish record label Pagan Records offered a contract for their EP “Spread The Occult”, the project took the form of a solid live band.

They first live appearance was in April of 2022 in Remedy live stage (Athens) .

Later in September 2022 they appear in the opening Day of Golden R Festival in Volos, in October 2022 in Storming The Gates Festival in Athens and in February 2023 in Blackended Horizons 1. Many shows to come!!!