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We proudly announce that we signed a deal with Greek pagan black metallers Corax B.M.  When we heard the first 2 songs (“Mythos“, “Zophos“) from their upcoming debut album “Pagana“, we immediately took the decision to know more about this new band. Their sound could best be characterized as a combination of black metal that owes a lot to early Rotting ChristNecromantia sound and thrash metal influences that parade in many parts of their music. The Greek verse gives its own distinct moment. Their dedication to the object they are grasping, the passion, the enthousiasm and their loyalty to the dream they wish to pursue, left us no other margin, than to sign a contract and work hard together to make their music known. The release date of the debut full-length album “Pagana” in various formats is set for October 2023.

Corax B.M is a Hellenic Pagan Black Metal band based in Athens, Greece. The band started as a side project of Kostas “Corax” Katoikos (Blossom Death, Anachrist, In Burial, ex- Sorrowful Angels), who collaborated with the drummer Yiannis “Morker” Chariskos. After releasing 2 singles, Thanos “Peisithanatos” Nanopoulos (Drama Noir, ex- Endopia, ex- Order Of The Black Jacket) lined up with Ennea. After the Polish record label Pagan Records offered a contract for their EP “Spread The Occult”, the project took the form of a solid live band.

They first live appearance was in April of 2022 in Remedy live stage (Athens) .

Later in September 2022 they appear in the opening Day of Golden R Festival in Volos, in October 2022 in Storming The Gates Festival in Athens and in February 2023 in Blackended Horizons 1. Many shows to come!!!

Corax B.M. states: 

We are thrilled and Honoured about our new contract with The Circle Music for our Full Length Album “Pagana“. Communication is the most important issue for us and for the first minute of our discussions with the label, we felt that our new album will be in good hands