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Austrian Death Metal band Cadaverous Condition started in the early 90ies amidst the underground tape trading scene and were heavily influenced by that time.

Their early albums were released on infamous Austrian label Lethal Records.

But Cadaverous Condition quickly started to march on their very own crooked path yet always had their feet firmly planted in the extreme Metal genre, the vocals being always in the traditional Death Metal style even if they ventured beyond the boundaries of that genre musically and image-wise with strange cover versions, collaborations or acoustic guitar based material.

They were the first Death Metal band to cover The Sisters Of Mercy and Death In June and added their own interpretations of songs by The Decemberists and Bonnie “Prince” Billy etc. to their repertoire.

Since 1990 CC released albums on various labels, some on their own imprint, a compilation of their Death Folk songs on the label of Julian Cope etc.

Artists they worked with over the years are amongst others: Nurse With WoundThighpaulsandraChangesTobias Nathaniel (The Black Heart Procession)Patrick LeagasHoly McGrailAli and Cyril Helnwein.

They also did an art project with Bill Drummond (The KLF) involving a special made CD and sending a message in a bottle from the shores of Iceland.

Their latest album was a collaborative effort with Miro Snejdr aka Herr Lounge Corps, which also resulted in live gigs in 2024.

All the illustrious guests and weird projects aside, the core of Cadaverous Condition has always been extreme Metal music combined with their own reflective style of lyrics and presentation, so now in 2024 CC return with a ferocious doom laden Death Metal album entitled “Never Arrive, Never Return” which is a title that sums up CC pretty well.



Wolfgang Weiss – vocals

René Kramer – guitars

Peter Droneberger – bass, guitars

Paul Droneberger – drums