Cadaverous Condition – Never Arrive, Never Return – New album (CD, Vinyl, Digital) – Out now!

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  • Jewel Case CD
  • Limited Translucent Blue Vinyl with printed insert (230 copies)



Wolfgang Weiss – vocals

René Kramer – guitars

Peter Droneberger – bass, guitars

Paul Droneberger – drums


01. They Came From The Hills
02. The Plow
03. The Eternal Burial
04. All The Wrong Turns
05. A Blizzard Of Lies
06. From The Other Side
07. Hidden Things
08. The Darkness Is In My Bloodstream Now
09. A Thousand Midnights In The Silent War
10. To Be

Never Arrive, Never Return” marks a return to Cadaverous Condition‘s ferocious death metal roots. The album is a relentless assault on the senses, featuring a mix of epic tracks alongside haunting half-ballads, brutal eruptions and groove-laden songs interwoven with the band’s signature cryptic lyrics, all delivered with crisp production.

Formed in Austria during the early 90s, Cadaverous Condition carved a unique path in extreme metal. While their vocals remained rooted in death metal, they experimented with diverse influences, covering artists like The Sisters of Mercy and collaborating with acts like Nurse With WoundThighpaulsandraTobias Nathaniel (The Black Heart Procession) and Herr Lounge Corps. They also did an art project with Bill Drummond (The KLF) involving a specially made CD and sending a message in a bottle from the shores of Iceland. Despite these explorations, Cadaverous Condition never strayed from their core: extreme metal with a distinct and reflective style. They return in 2024 with “Never Arrive, Never Return“, a fitting title for a band known for their relentless sonic journey.


Cadaverous Condition states:

Austrian Death Metal survivalists CADAVEROUS CONDITION present their new album “Never Arrive, Never Return”, to be unleashed via The Circle Music, Greece.

Cadaverous Condition, an extreme Metal band born in the 90ies return with a fierce new Death Metal work after their critically acclaimed album “Burn Brightly Alone” and their collaboration album (with Herr Lounge Corps) “The Breath Of A Bird”.

Cadaverous Condition’s path has taken many twists and weird turns, incorporating Neofolk (“Death Folk”) and collaborating with a wide range of artists creating a weird yet coherent body of work like no other band hailing from the extreme Metal genre.

This new album is full on ferocious Cadaverous Condition Metal.

Humorless, evocative Death Metal featuring epic tracks (opener and first single “They Came From The Hills”, half ballad “All The Wrong Turns” or “From The Other Side”) amongst brutal eruptions and groove laden songs (“The Plow”) paired with their usual outré lyrics.

All this embedded in crisp production.

Never Arrive, Never Return” is the epitome of the CC spirit, always moving, no peace, no rest.

A rootless and restless journey always one step closer to the end.

The artwork fits the theme, ghosts (or inner demons?) we encounter on our way through the mess that is our existence.

Speaking of old ghosts: the final song on the album (“To Be”) is a newly recorded version of a song written by the band in 1992, a massive old school Death Doom march to the loneliest grave.