Ataraxia – “The Source” – 1st single from the upcoming album “Centaurea” is released!

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You are currently viewing Ataraxia – “The Source” – 1st single from the upcoming album “Centaurea” is released!

Enjoy the first single “The Source” (CD Bonus Track) from Ataraxia’s upcoming album “Centaurea”



Francesca Nicoli vocals

Vittorio Vandelli classical, acoustic and electric guitars; programming; timpani; back vocals

Giovanni Pagliari keyboards; programming; back vocals

Guest musician: Gregorio Bellodi uilleann pipes

All music by Ataraxia Lyrics by Francesca Nicoli Recorded, mixed, mastered by Vittorio Vandelli between September 2023 and January 2024


“The source” is the origin from which everything flows, the focal point of the island of Centaurea, the energetic center of that dimension. That place can only be accessed through a dimensional portal protected by three guardians of the threshold, three Priestesses who sway among the ice and snow-covered plants, looking into your eyes to understand if you are ready. “Viator – inquam – dignabere?” “Traveler – I say – are you worthy?”. Beyond the ice and snow, opens up the space of the sea in which everything turns purple and gold, dawn and dusk and the Mediterranean climate welcomes us, taking us on a white boat, in silence, to the sacred shores. As we access the dimensional spiral of the portal, the three Goddesses look at us with ineffable faces.

The song introduces the ouillean pipes played by Gregorio Bellodi into the sound of ATARAXIA for the very first time. CENTAUREA is the second album of a trilogy that will end with a work on the Elysian Fields.