Ataraxia – Ignis Pater – New Lyric Video!

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The revered neoclassical/dark ambient act Ataraxia has released a new lyric video to the track “Ignis Pater”, from the 29th studio album, “Centaurea“.

The band said: “Fire represents knowledge, ardour, will, passion, the Spirit that vivifies everything. This song emanates the colours of Fire always in movement. We perceive its ability to create and destroy, to heat and burn, to blind or bring inspiration. In Chinese medicine (and not only), Fire represents the heart organ at the centre of the chest also in a metaphysical sense, it represents courage which is the action mediated by the intelligence of the heart.”

“In the lyrics, the element of water is invited to union. The two elements marry in an alchemical marriage that produces wisdom and life. We soar between deeper singing and choral voices accompanying this alchemy.”

Centaurea” is available and marks the second chapter in a trilogy that began with the elemental exploration of “Pomegranate.” “Centaurea” transports listeners to a breathtaking island bathed in eternal twilight. The album contains eight original compositions and two previously unreleased bonus tracks (CD version only).

To celebrate the release of “Centaurea“, Ataraxia will embark on a Latin American tour this August, following a double concert in their homeland, Italy.

Ataraxia tour dates

August 11 – Roccapelago, Modena, Italy [“On the wings of the past”, a double concert performed in a church: Medieval and Celtic soundscapes by Ataraxia and Gregorio Bellodi (uilleann pipes) and then Ataraxia in concert]

August 17 – Chile

August 18 – Argentina

August 21 – Peru

August 23 – Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

August 24 – Guadalajara, Mexico